Adopted Kittens

Mukie now has a new home with one of Myriah's kittens and is very happy.

Adopted now living in Boston




Sebastian and his boys.

Sebastian loves to baby sit.


 Two male Seal pt Siamese kittens, 12 weeks old. Parents are
Myriah and Sebastian.

Siamese female seal pt kittens. Now 12 weeks old. Parents are Ming
and Sebastian.

 Myriahs male seal pt Siamese kitten. Sebastians is his father.

Now 12 weeks old.

This little seal pt male is a very social sweet kitten. He has his
fathers personality, out going and very social. He is 12 now weeks old.

Charmin and Mochas' lilac pt male. He is the last of Charmins' boys .


 This is Devon and Summers boy, he is a chocolate pt and very sweet.
 Adopted. Now living in California

 Charmin and Mochas chocolate pt. 


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